Monday, October 18, 2010

New Orleans- Day One

This is a memorial set right in the middle of the ninth ward..The red frame represents the blood shed from the loss of lives. The blue poles represent water levels with the deepest covering some two story building,
I will search for more information later tomorrow after the swamp tour.

Today we are doing the VIP Tour of the city. The VIP ultimate tour of the city is a unique and informative sightseeing tour of New Orleans that combines the history, beauty, and splendor if New Orleans with a close view of the devastation from the aftermath of Katrina.

We will post after the tour and give you our honest opinion and let you know if it was worth the price of $45. per person.

Tour Review....we were able to see some of the rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. There are still a lot of areas that are severely damaged. No matter what the damage or condition of the property, if the taxes are current the city cannot come in and destroy what is left. It is so sad the damage that this city suffered. Did we think it was worth $45 EACH...No...more in line would have been $30 or less. Our driver was very pleasant and has been a New Orleans resident for 30 years, since he was 3.

Tonight we took the truck out of the valet and entered into the traffic nightmare know as New Orleans French Quarter...had to do some laundry. We are staying at the Queen & Crescent Hotel, just off of Bourbon Street (no on site laundry)

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